Acupuncture Course in Tambaram

Hence acupuncture is widely regarded as a Chinese frontline medical technique. It is because of the therapeutic value of acupuncture that government of India has recognized the scheme of medical treatment. West Bengal has an acupuncture medical council and IGNOV has a PG diploma course in acupuncture.

As we committed to offer world class treatments to our patience, we also offer diploma courses in acupuncture treatment. So that number of doctors who using natural medicines will keep on increasing.

Acupuncture Courses in Tambaram By Fathima Sifa

• Master Diploma in Acupuncture (Recognized by BSS)
• MD Acupuncture Course
• DR Acupuncture Course
• Phd AM course (Recognized by columbo international open university)
• Phd Acupuncture (Recognized by columbo international open university)

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